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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

1.      1. After rather a few failed attempts I now have a job over Christmas time (yay!) all set with immediate 10% discount! I know where I’m getting my Xmas prezzies from! Not to mention after earning my money giving it straight back to Mr Argos when I save enough (with any luck) for an Ipod as mine has seen better days! Its currently sat alone screen now totally blackened after a month of flashing white stripes at me (actual lines not the band!). But I got to give that little fella some credit it certainly lived longer than I expected…well the headphones didn’t…but I suppose they don’t stand a chance against a car door. 
             2. I am extremely cheerful in seeing how many comments and page views I am now getting! Every word means the world to me and every view I get I tell whoever I am with; which I’m sure did bug my dad over the weekend I spent with him…and when I wake the sleeping boxer dog that apparently lives under my bed.
            3. HOUSE OF NIGHT SERIES! EEK!! I have been waiting since January 5th for this book! Maybe I shouldn’t have read the last book the day of the release but I was far too excited to wait! The next instalment is due out later this month and I am thinking I should pre-order but I know for a fact I will read the whole thing the day of release. I’ve never been so obsessed with a book! I fell in love with the characters immediately and P.C and Kristen Cast have created such an amazing story line I couldn’t put the book down and pretty much deserted the world for a day. LOVE IT! I would recommend this book! In fact I’ve recommended it 7 times and have never seen anyone who hasn’t loved it.


  1. Great reasons. The xmas job and discount sounds good!

  2. I am rather looking forward to having a bit more money to spend! However i just know im going to end up buying things I dont need....or more books to add to the "to read" pile next to my bed :) x

  3. Brilliant news, go you! And I would be lost without my iphone and music!

  4. Thankyou hun! yeah I had a 40 minute walk after getting my ipod screen turn to its previous bright screen and pixle line state then my head phones cut out-I felt like crying! I love the company of music! x

  5. The job sounds great always good to have that extra money, my ipod has just started flashing the white lines at me as well and the screen is getting duller so I think I now know where it is heading, to join yours!!

  6. before I could just about see the song that was playing-now I see nothing!! I was on a bus and had it stuck playing the same track over and over and it was only a small instrumental for an inbetween track! luckily I've managed to navigate it back to the playlist...but my poor Ipod stands no chance x