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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A day in the life of little old me! (...and elderly people that seem to hate me)

Well today didn’t start off great I must admit. I barely got any sleep last night, I just stared at the ceiling-somehow I thought that would help me but then I just started making patterns out of the odd spikey things that look like dripping paint on the ceiling (I’m sure that’s the professional name for it!) and now I can’t un-see the Gruffulo when I look up! Anyway, after eventually getting to sleep I found myself having another nightmare which seemed so realistic I woke up panicking and thinking it was real before eventually gathering my bearings!

I started off the day by texting the boyf and telling him about the dream (as I normally do, which helps a great deal!) then had a phone call from my lovely sister telling me about the antics of her little monkeys! Shortly followed by another phone call from her in which we laughed at how minds can easily be distracted and cause humorous errors!

Today I decided to get into the Halloween spirit (…okay well more so) and make pumpkin pie, which I knew would be difficult considering I’ve never made it before and have only ever eaten it once! But I found some recipes and thought I’d give it a try! So after stepping out into the freezing cold conditions I realised it was a stupid idea to wear leggings and my hoody was nowhere near warm enough. I regretted leaving my warm house and curry soup and venturing out into the cold weather to find myself a pumpkin down Sainsbury’s. It may have only been a ten minute walk but it was the longest ten minutes of my life (okay scratch that A-levels stretched for a century) and after spending half the journey fighting with my zombie IPod; trying to guess where my playlists were hidden through a blank screen I very nearly gave up. I eventually got there in the end (after being the dramatic woman I am) and began the hunt for my ingredients! I was there for about half an hour and eventually got to a check out before the war against me VS the elderly began again…
As I was trying to put my basket under the counter (and hitting my head but trying to act like I didn’t cause a bruise) two ladies stopped behind me and stood glaring at me. I smiled and pulled a checkout separator thingy to put between out shopping and continued to act like the glare wasn’t making me feel all on edge. The women began gossiping and trying to say very loudly about how slow the checkout girl was-even though she was going as fast as she could-and then began talking about how I looked, discretely once again. Apparently my hoody made me look like a thug and my makeup and hair was all over the place…its raining outside…my hood won’t stay up and the rain got in my hair and on my face…in future I will be sure to tidy myself up before going to a checkout…thanks! Then apparently I was packing my items too slow and the old lady elbowed me out the way and told me to move along as I was trying to grab another bag so I could double up for the journey home. Thanks my single bag broke outside my street.

However the pumpkin pie making went very well! The boyfriend and I had a nightmare tearing the pumpkin apart but all turned out well in the end!  And next time someone else can do my shopping to prevent a breakdown in the middle of Sainsbury’s! :)

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