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Friday, 30 September 2011

Dear so and so...wonderful people in my life

Dear my beautiful sister,
Thank you for always knowing how to make me smile even when I’m being a grump! You never fail to make me laugh with your jokes or funny comments. You and your cheerful ways always brighten my day and you always have something fun up your sleeve when I come to visit; whether it is having a cosy day watching TV and having a giggle or going out to the park or Noah’s ark-it always ends up being a lovely perfect day. Thank you for always being a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and thank you for always being there for me.
I love you millions xx

Dear awkward friend,
Thank you for coming back-even after two years of no contact. I am glad you did find me again because I really did miss knowing you. Also I want to thank you for knowing how to make me smile and for being on my side when people are treating me like I’m nothing. Yet I won’t lie you do confuse me to a ridiculous extent when you change your tone and how you act towards me-but I do understand it-most of the time! And I do truly hope you don’t disappear again-I do trust you.
Thank you awkward friend x

Dear wonderfully weird boyfriend,
I don’t think I will ever understand half the stuff you conjure up in your mind! Or how your train of thought will jump from one topic to one that I couldn’t think is in anyway linked! However I love who you create these weird and wonderful things and I’d love to sit in your mind for the day and see how you look at the world and try to understand how the oddest things you say make sense to you :) I love you-you odd person


Thursday, 29 September 2011

If I wouldnt be judged harshly...

This week I stumbled across The BritMums personal Blog Prompt“If I wouldn’t be judged harshly, I would say-” I am neither a mum or a member of BritMums but I thought this was a lovely idea as a new blogger as a way for you all to get to know me a little more.

If I wouldn't be judged harshly, I would say that I am happy just as I am out loud.

If you look around each and every day the media’s telling us how to be, how to act and what society believes should be “normal” or what is “perfect”.  We’ve all heard the phrase ‘nobody is perfect’ but what if that isn’t true? How about we see it as everybody’s perfect? The average idea of what is perfect is different to everyone. In my eyes everyone is perfect. Why should we be told what you’re doing- or how you look is wrong? You shall always be this amazing miracle of life and soul. Everyone is their own person making every single personality perfect in every way.

So why do I get told I should dress a certain way, wear my make-up like a specific way (or not at all), listen to this music, watch this, be this, do that…etc.? Will I ever meet people’s expectations? One person wants you one way but that will always conflict with someone else’s opinion of you. So why bother trying to meet other people’s expectations? Meet your own. Create your own dreams-I don’t want to be the person they want me to be-why should I? I am me. I am happy not dressing girly when I don’t feel like it, being chubby around the edges, not being the smartest nor being the best at anything. I like having my out of control uncut hair, and my baggy gothic style trousers and just as baggy tops-but maybe if people weren’t so judgemental I would wear something like the 50’s style dresses I have fallen in love with. But now I sit here and think-who cares about those judgemental people! I should be able to feel beautiful and not like I’m being judged.

I am me and I am happy with who I am. Be happy with who you are-you’re perfect.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Please share your opinions on this snippet!!

Hello fellow Butterfly bloggers!!
I’ve decided to go for a different sort of post today and ask for all of YOUR opinions on this snippet of a story. This is only an opening prologue and I want you to review it for me and let us know your honest opinions! I would also love it if you can share what you think this sort of story is by looking at the prologue and what sort of story line you believe it will follow in the rest of the piece. I look forward to hearing from you!

I won’t lie; I wouldn’t have believed it either. It's like falling into a storybook, and not a pleasant one at that. There are times I wonder if it even happened because it's so farfetched, but even if it wasn't real I would still have to question my sanity for conjuring up such dark, powerful fantasies.
However I always come to the same conclusion in these scattered thoughts-I was there-it all existed; all down to the last thorn on the rose. I’ve become nocturnal now; I sit and stare at the moon praying helplessly to the goddess of night. I know there's a big piece of me that wants to return to that beautiful twisted hell. It felt like the home I never had. The 'fantasy' world has become who I am since I left it, it’s almost an obsession. I spend my days in a daze watching the world around me as it slowly fades. I find sanctuary within the wildlife now. I often find myself at the water ledge of the lake that runs through the woods; its undoubtable similarity haunting me. It doesn’t quite glitter the way Lake Styria did, and I know without a doubt it doesn’t play home for the same creatures. There are times I will get the courage to dip my toes in and feel the current gently tug on my feet. Each time without fail I would close my eyes and slip into my memories of the world I left behind. My beautiful twisted world. What I wouldn’t give to be there...

The dream always starts the same. When I close my eyes I can feel his touch. That ice cold beautifully deadly touch. I can feel the way he runs his fingertips along my side whilst I sleep, and moves up to my face, moving the loose curl back behind my ear. In my sanctuary of sleep he always kisses his two fingers and gently touches them to my cheek. Then he begins to run the back of his hand along my neck sending warm chills over me as I feel the goose bumps wave up and down my skin. He runs his fingers gently over the scars that are hideous to me; spiraling patterns over my skin, making me feel so relaxed. I’m in ecstasy. He kisses my forehead and gives a wordless whisper before wrapping his arms around me again. He would hold me close to him-tight and protective; as if letting go would cause me to slip away. My heart aches to be held by him; to inhale his scent, to look into his eyes, to see that cheeky smile. I won’t ever forget the one that got away.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekly book review: Glass Houses book 1

I was recommended this book and told I would love it and not be able to put it down, however I was also told it was an opening book for the series so the bigger story lines come later on in the series.
‘Glass houses’ is about a young girl called Claire who gets into college at the early age of 16 in Morganville, Texas. From her early days in Morganville Claire is subjected to violence and haunted by the odd ways of the residents of this small town. Claire soon discovers the town’s dark secret whilst trying to find some sort of normality when seeking sanctuary in ‘the glass house’ with some young, very protective room-mates.

I must admit I really got into this book! It isn’t exactly my normal choice but it is wonderfully written and I did read chapter after chapter (however reading in the bath was a silly idea as after a while I was just sat in cold water and still couldn’t put the book down long enough to get out!) so far this book in the series is a simple light read with action sprinkled in. It’s a book of the dark fantasy sort without the new “all vampires are just misunderstood” attitude. Claire becomes intrigued and bound to Morganville despite the urge to run as secrets continue unravelling. I finished this book in a few days-reading whenever possible. But I must warn you-be equipped with the next book in the series-cliff-hanger alert!!! You don’t want to wait for the next instalment.

Black butterfly


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Reasons to be cheerful! xxxx

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the HeartThis week I came across a lovely cheerful blog hop started by Mummy From The Heart. This is my first ever blog hop but I can't think of a better one to start off with.
 1. I am lucky enough to be very close to my big sister and her beautiful little babies and I am looking forward to spending some time around the smiley faces of my sisters happy family-always a guaranteed to make me smile!
2. I'm looking forward to my lovely boyfriend taking me out for some "us" time next week now we barely ever have the opportunity to spend time together anymore. We decided to make a list (like a to-do or promises we have to keep) to help us continue feeling as happy and as close as we do. Spending some time together-whether it be having a coffee (or hot chocolate in my case! yummy!) or going to the cinema once a month- was on our list. There is also an added bonus as we are celebrating being together for a year next month!!

3. After getting a C in art in my GCSE's I felt very down as I worked hard for my favourite subject despite the fact I do not enjoy being told what to draw. I put all my effort into it and still people who only took it as a filler subject gained higher grades. I stopped drawing for a while, I found myself missing the freedom of a pencil and paper. As I began drawing again my friend noticed my work and asked me to design not one but two tattoo's for her! One in respect for her Grampy which I am determined to make perfect. My art shall forever be on someone's skin and viewable to the world.

4. That simple moment when someone says something that makes you feel amazing about yourself! Whether it's a simple compliment of "I love your top" or someone close to you saying how nice you look-after much effort trying to be healthy! (Despite how much I love my snicker bars!) Or when comparing myself to a scarecrow being told I'm "beautiful" there's always that heart-warming moment that makes you feel on top of the world for the world for the rest of the day!

5. Having the thought that someone may see this and write their own list-honestly once you get going you feel so much better. That's coming from someone who was extremely grumpy half hour ago! So please give it a whirl and brighten your day.

This week R2BC is being hosted by Mum Of All Trades, pop over and see some of the other entries

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Can great books be turned into great films?

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the latest phenomenon of Twilight, I’m sure there is an equal measure of people groaning as there is cheering out there at the mention of “Twilight” however I can’t help but wonder-who and how many of these fanatics were there at the beginning? -That is before the films came into view. I must say at this point in time I was reading the books; and did in fact finish them before the film was made. However barely anyone I knew had actually read or heard of these books which gave us the more commercialised genre of dark fantasy. I knew of three people who had read the books in my year-and we loved them. They were new and so original, now the genre’s everywhere we look! You can’t go a day without seeing either Mr Pattinsons pale vampire face or the new vampire trend that was originally expected to be found in the gothic area of writing or horror films.

However the films created an enormous impact on dark fantasy-be it for the better or worse depending on your personal opinion- and shone a light to the modern love stories.  The films themselves got so much publicity for having potential for its originality and encouraged people to read the series, but this is where I wonder; in watching the film first-did it make the book something different? As always films cut out pieces of the story, to some this may not seem important; however to those who read these books and fell in love with how the characters were portrayed and how their actions meant something within the story and defined who they were-it seemed wrong not to have these parts.

Films do cut out pieces of the story, and do edit the script and minor areas of the book-but does this destroy it completely? I found myself very disappointed in the films. If the books had not existed-or I read them after I would have probably had a different opinion, but in having such high expectations the films were ruined for me. I have found this with quite a few books, either character and actor misplacement-at least in the opinion of the fans- or the budget holding it back, something just doesn’t feel quite right. I believe our imagination is a powerful thing; maybe it’s just not how we pictured everything being-but there is always one person which forces multiple books and story lines/books together to leave us screaming “What have you done!” I would like to ask, what do you think? Does a film ruin a book? I am worried that the series I have fallen in love with will be destroyed now it’s in the final stages before filming and turn into a something that is totally misjudged or misinterpreted.

Ty x