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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Firstly I would like to apologise for not being able to post for a while-unfortunately my laptop decided I needed a break from blogging and wouldn’t allow me to post. So I am very sorry you haven’t heard me rambling on and ranting for a while! Because of me being away I think it’s best to have a “pick’n’mix” post this week so it will be an odd scramble of posts that I've had floating around in the abyss that is my mind in the past few months.

As I'm sure you all know it’s clear bus journeys and I do not get along…lately I have been on many buses going to and from my lovely sisters house pretty much every week so I’ve picked a selection of my favourite tales just for you. Now it’s clear that frequent bus riders find themselves to have what I call bus-legs (a hardly genius transformation from sea legs) however I still do not, I look like a puppy trying to stand in a boot of a car, so it’s quite often I find myself holding on to the railings for dear life while everyone stares and giggles a me as I try not to fall face first down the stairs of the bus.  However it turns out that I do not need to stand up to make a fool out of myself. On the journey to the bus station I always perch myself at the front of the bus in front of the windows 1.for view of the world around me as I conjure up stories in my head and 2. To hide from the Bristolian bunch in the back that decide now’s the time to roll a spliff and call their friends who it turns out is in hiding after helicopters flew above there house…. (trust me you learn a lot sat awkwardly reading books at the back!) anyway- firstly I find myself flinching at tree branches the driver carelessly drives into-I'm sure determined to see how long it takes before I turn into a nervous wreck and curl up in a ball and cry. However this particular day the driver decided to grind to a halt with next to no warning as a bloke stuck the “bird” up at him. A bus full of people-of course my face mere cm’s away from slamming against the window, apparently I find it hard to remain in my seat as the bus breaks, at most normally I slide as you may be able to tell the only reason my pride was still intact was due to the fact I would never see any of these people again.

My second story is from the most recent bus journey, on my way back in to Bristol I've learnt a new way to tell when you are close to arriving to the rough area-the elderly are much-much more cautious! As previous readers may know the elderly don’t seem to like me as they stereotype me as being what they would refer to as “a typical teen” so think my only goal is to rob them of all they own and attack them for no reason. However the sight I saw Friday was highly amusing-yet horrifying. In the street an elderly lady dropped her hand bag and was struggling to bend down with a walking stick so a young man-probably 19/20 years old bent down and was quite clearly handing her, her handbag-she took this opportunity to slap him across the face snatch her bag and hobble down the street leaving the man in shock.

Missed you all muchly!