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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful...rather geeky reasons may i add!

ky reasons may i
         1)     I had a facebook invite sent to me yesterday for a house of night special announcement interview, and found myself so excited I was on the site unmoving from my computer for the entire 5 hours I had to wait chatting to other HoN fans, despite the fact it wouldn’t start till 11:30pm in England! For those of you who don’t know about ‘House of Night’ it’s a series of young adult books written by P.C and Kristin Cast about vampires living known in today society and learning of the evil which lives amongst them unknown to the vampyre high council. These books follow the life of Zoey who is of Cherokee origins as she finds her goddess Nyx who blesses her on the first day of being marked. Anyway, I ‘attended’ the announcement and learnt that my favourite series has been given a multi-film deal! I am so excited-however worried that it will be ruined-but I keep high hopes that it will be kept true to the books as they are PERFECT as they are.  
          2)      As sad as it may be I got really excited about being mentioned on Kerrang! Radio. I know people are mentioned each and every day but you never really think about it being you until it happens. Eek! Matt stocks who was DJ-ing on Kerrang asked what peoples first gig was and I answered online with ‘bowling for soup’ and that I love their cheesiness and humour-my song was played and I was mentioned-im easily pleased! I also had a mini mention today when referring to Bill Baileys song as “genius” I do love my music!
         3)      I had a lovely time celebrating with the Boyf last week and had a lovely day out to the cinema and out for a bite to eat. We watched Jonny English…I hate to admit I was laughing hysterically! It was really nice to do something different for a change and he planned out a brilliant day, and I do feel sorry for him having to be dragged into a book shop whilst I “eek”ed and yelped with excitement…that’s probably why he left me alone and went to the other side of the shop… haha!

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