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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hello my dears, Firstly I apologise I fell off the radar for what’s apparently over a year!! I’ve been trying to find the inspiration for something to blog about in the past few weeks as I am not traveling on buses or encountering bizarre people (except those close to me) much anymore. Something that has caught my eye however does fit in with the theme of Halloween (which I'm sure by now you’re aware is practically my Christmas) and of course books. The traditional idea -as I'm sure you’re aware- of kid’s books is a “damsel in distress” a “prince Charming” and some foul monster or villain. I have heard of a few spin offs and now there is the trend of the monster high dolls (I think that’s still a trend??) that my younger sisters were obsessed with until I ended up turning one of them into Frankie-stein for Halloween last year. Of course there have been a few movies for the “alternative” members of society like Nightmare before Christmas and The corpse Bride as well as a few children horrors like Monster house (which personally I found a little disturbing) but is there really a range of books? Something that comes to mind is in the Addams family when Morticia tells the story of “Hansel and Gretel” with her own view of the defenceless witch who gets pushed into the oven-so would “alternative” kid’s books ever be something that would take off-given the right story-by any family-or just the alternative ones? Teen books are a total different ball game however seems generally the teen will pick the book that speaks to them which can sometimes be a cross between fantasy/horror and romance if we are talking sparkly vampires! But surely there’s a gap to fill in regards to the leap between princesses and castles and Teen books. Darren Shan did a spectacular job of the darker books as did Lemony Snicket but was it because they were less fairy-tale perfect that they weren’t acknowledged as much? Hail to a story that doesn’t have a na├»ve princess but maybe a strong minded, alternative, heroine who maybe isn’t basing her life around marrying the first male character she sees, being children’s books some naivety is bliss but why make it all so generic? But that’s my opinion-what do you guys think?? ~Black Butterfly~ X

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Firstly I would like to apologise for not being able to post for a while-unfortunately my laptop decided I needed a break from blogging and wouldn’t allow me to post. So I am very sorry you haven’t heard me rambling on and ranting for a while! Because of me being away I think it’s best to have a “pick’n’mix” post this week so it will be an odd scramble of posts that I've had floating around in the abyss that is my mind in the past few months.

As I'm sure you all know it’s clear bus journeys and I do not get along…lately I have been on many buses going to and from my lovely sisters house pretty much every week so I’ve picked a selection of my favourite tales just for you. Now it’s clear that frequent bus riders find themselves to have what I call bus-legs (a hardly genius transformation from sea legs) however I still do not, I look like a puppy trying to stand in a boot of a car, so it’s quite often I find myself holding on to the railings for dear life while everyone stares and giggles a me as I try not to fall face first down the stairs of the bus.  However it turns out that I do not need to stand up to make a fool out of myself. On the journey to the bus station I always perch myself at the front of the bus in front of the windows 1.for view of the world around me as I conjure up stories in my head and 2. To hide from the Bristolian bunch in the back that decide now’s the time to roll a spliff and call their friends who it turns out is in hiding after helicopters flew above there house…. (trust me you learn a lot sat awkwardly reading books at the back!) anyway- firstly I find myself flinching at tree branches the driver carelessly drives into-I'm sure determined to see how long it takes before I turn into a nervous wreck and curl up in a ball and cry. However this particular day the driver decided to grind to a halt with next to no warning as a bloke stuck the “bird” up at him. A bus full of people-of course my face mere cm’s away from slamming against the window, apparently I find it hard to remain in my seat as the bus breaks, at most normally I slide as you may be able to tell the only reason my pride was still intact was due to the fact I would never see any of these people again.

My second story is from the most recent bus journey, on my way back in to Bristol I've learnt a new way to tell when you are close to arriving to the rough area-the elderly are much-much more cautious! As previous readers may know the elderly don’t seem to like me as they stereotype me as being what they would refer to as “a typical teen” so think my only goal is to rob them of all they own and attack them for no reason. However the sight I saw Friday was highly amusing-yet horrifying. In the street an elderly lady dropped her hand bag and was struggling to bend down with a walking stick so a young man-probably 19/20 years old bent down and was quite clearly handing her, her handbag-she took this opportunity to slap him across the face snatch her bag and hobble down the street leaving the man in shock.

Missed you all muchly!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday 9: Drift Away (RIP Dobie Gray)

1. Who or what bores you enough to mentally drift away?
In all fairness it doesn’t have to be boring, I tend to be in my own world any way! I can be distracted in any situation.

2. How many members of your family not living with you do you see on during the holidays?
In all fairness I have a large family, I spend Christmas with my mum, stepdad and younger sisters, see my older sister and her family at some point then my dad and every one that lives with him and this year my boyfriend’s family too!

3. When spending time with family, how long after you arrive do you begin to feel "antsy" about being there too long?
Never : ) I tend to always feel welcome, especially with my sister and her family.

4. Does your family more generally get along at a holiday gathering or are there generally arguments?
Depends which side of my family, my dad’s family (mainly my gran) always used to seem to get into arguments but I’ve always lived with my mum and siblings so we all get along fine and have a very merry Christmas.

5. Are you ever embarrassed by your family around friends?
Doesn’t that come with the family like a package deal? Haha! My family do joke around but never to embarrassing lengths.

6. Of the celebrities that died in 2011, who will you miss the most?
I think Amy Winehouse was definitely too young and it was very unfortunate. She was a really good singer.

7. When you watch a movie in a movie theater, do you like the theater filled to capacity, halfway full, or nearly empty? Does your answer change depending on the type of movie you're seeing or do you feel the same way regardless of the movie or genre?
Hmm…nearly empty, that way you don’t have to be sat next to some randomer and make it known you can’t sit still for 2 hours. Plus you can have a giggle about people in the film and plot lines.

8. What’s one really cool/useful/nice thing you purchased for yourself this year?
I brought a skeleton onesy in primark! Yeah it’s meant to be for blokes but I love it.

9. Are you in the holiday spirit yet?
I've bought Christmas presents…isn’t that enough? 

Friday, 9 December 2011

dear so and so... vicious dogs and amazing people

Dear man with the vicious dog,
I was having a lovely day walking in the morning sunshine despite the cold weather and my dog was being an angel of the lead, even resisting the chase of the squirrel that has it in for him (there’s been multiple incidents with him throwing acorns at me and Bruno-I’m sure it’s the same one each time!) and it was a nice peaceful day. Then you appeared with your dog who is clearly violent. Bruno’s always up for having a new friend and I don’t see how him putting his ears up and wagging a tail is a threat, therefore your dog had no reason to run and launch itself at my dog. Maybe the first time they separated you should of put your dog on a lead but-no-no-once again when we were about half a football pitch away the dog ran at us, nearly bit me and continued to growl at me causing me dog-understandably to put his head to use and push your dog away from me and for once barked and growled stood between myself and your creature. You could of at least helped me pull your dog off of my boxer instead of stand there staring. PUT YOUR DOG ON A LEAD!!

From the blonde girl with the boxer.

Dear inappropriate man who I was serving,
There is no need for a comment like that thank you very much! Women aren’t objects, and you may of thought it was flattery-it wasn’t-stop it. Plus your easily 30 years older than me.

From the lady behind the counter.

To my gorgeous nephew,
I can’t believe your nearly 2!! When did you get all grown up? You’ve always been a happy smiley little lad and your ever so affectionate and full of hugs and kisses, plus you never fail to put a smile on my face, love you millions mister monkey!

Lots of love, Aunty Ty

 To my ever so brilliant friends that are always there for me,
No matter what I need your always there, whether it’s to chat about random things that make us laugh or have a deep conversation you are always there for me. So I thought I’d say thank you, I know I can be a pain sometimes but I promise I will always be here for you too.

Love from, me!!!

Dear So and So...

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday 9!

1. “Everybody lies. But it's alright because nobody listens.” is one of Bud's Law's. What do you lie about?

I dont lie! ...or do I ;) I only lie to protect people when its necessary-plus I'm an awful liar!

2. When you purchase a DVD, what besides the the movie itself, what do you enjoy the most? Is it the director's commentary, the deleted scenes, the bloopers or the behind-the-scenes documentary?

Bloopers! Pirates of the Carribean ones are extremely funny.

3. What would you most like to accomplish before the year is over?

Hmm...winning the lottery? Does that count? If we're going to more rational goals I will say being in a college course that interests me :)

4. What is your current percentage of online shopping? Is it going to be more this year than last?

I can only just figure out how to do it! Technology and I don't get along to well-so yes more than last year...which was nothing.

5. What's left to do at your place (or where you are going)? Is the tree up? ...or maybe you're just happy you
found that fave Christmas coffee mug and are calling that good?

The house looks pretty Christmas-y however I had nothing to do with it-I'm just glad I've done the shopping!

6. If you could get worry free, cost free plastic surgery, would you? If yes, where?

Umm...not sure...I wouldnt get anything drastic-my body makes me-me! At most I would get rid of some scars that have appeared over the years but I still want to be me.

7. Do you think the child you were growing up, would like the adult you've become?

I dont think much has changed. I have the exact same personality, although the child I was wouldn't be impressed that I'm still not a vampire and haven't become a skilled ninja and an amazing guitarist...sorry young me.

8. What will you miss about 2011?

Not alot...this years kind of passed on by without doing much...I guess I just need to achieve more.

9. What is something you'd love to see invented?

The money tree...why hasn't anyone tried this yet?

Blackbutterfly x