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Friday, 9 December 2011

dear so and so... vicious dogs and amazing people

Dear man with the vicious dog,
I was having a lovely day walking in the morning sunshine despite the cold weather and my dog was being an angel of the lead, even resisting the chase of the squirrel that has it in for him (there’s been multiple incidents with him throwing acorns at me and Bruno-I’m sure it’s the same one each time!) and it was a nice peaceful day. Then you appeared with your dog who is clearly violent. Bruno’s always up for having a new friend and I don’t see how him putting his ears up and wagging a tail is a threat, therefore your dog had no reason to run and launch itself at my dog. Maybe the first time they separated you should of put your dog on a lead but-no-no-once again when we were about half a football pitch away the dog ran at us, nearly bit me and continued to growl at me causing me dog-understandably to put his head to use and push your dog away from me and for once barked and growled stood between myself and your creature. You could of at least helped me pull your dog off of my boxer instead of stand there staring. PUT YOUR DOG ON A LEAD!!

From the blonde girl with the boxer.

Dear inappropriate man who I was serving,
There is no need for a comment like that thank you very much! Women aren’t objects, and you may of thought it was flattery-it wasn’t-stop it. Plus your easily 30 years older than me.

From the lady behind the counter.

To my gorgeous nephew,
I can’t believe your nearly 2!! When did you get all grown up? You’ve always been a happy smiley little lad and your ever so affectionate and full of hugs and kisses, plus you never fail to put a smile on my face, love you millions mister monkey!

Lots of love, Aunty Ty

 To my ever so brilliant friends that are always there for me,
No matter what I need your always there, whether it’s to chat about random things that make us laugh or have a deep conversation you are always there for me. So I thought I’d say thank you, I know I can be a pain sometimes but I promise I will always be here for you too.

Love from, me!!!

Dear So and So...


  1. Ooerr we had problems with dogs coming up to our dogs before, even had a man try and kick our dog because he was barking in protection

  2. Really?! Thats horrible. People tend to think my dogs being or going to be agressive just because hes a boxer, but I've never known a dog to be so soppy as him! What dogs do you have?