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Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas and my life in the past cold month!

I apologise for it being so long since I’ve blogged! Once you’re busy you don’t realise how long it’s really been! However I’ve actually achieved a lot this past month, I've got nearly all of my Christmas presents bought-thank goodness-seems normally I'm one of those manic Xmas buyers fighting their way through the crowd panicking and grabbing as much as I can before someone else gets there! However this year I have all but one present ready. Believe it or not I'm actually looking forward to putting up my very small Christmas tree in my room and getting out my tinsel and beads,  yes my tree may be black and the tinsel is black and pink but it’s all still festive and sparkly! And I love Christmas tree decorations so decorating my miniature tree still gets exciting for me; although I am upset that my newer decoration-a small child fairy has been in the wars with two excitable young ladies who apparently like knocking things off shelves by slamming doors, so poor miss fairy’s missing half of her hair do!

I'm also very excited about the idea of starting a writing course, I've found one that will be brilliant but I'm still trying to find the courage to go through with it, it’s only a short evening course but it gives me a new experience with something I'm really interested in. I only have a little while left to decide so I better make a decision soon, but I think 6th form put me off of the whole idea of going back to college.

I hope you are all found well this December, and don’t have the dreaded cold that’s lingering about in the cold winter ready to pounce on even the most wrapped up people! It may be cold but don’t you love the feeling of getting inside in the warm and snuggling up with a book and maybe a hot drink! And maybe if you’re feeling really festive you can check out these cutie elves that are staying with their new host family for Xmas, and hear of all their tales you can find them on twitter @jingletoeselves where you can meet Elfred and Ella Jingletoes!

Happy December!

BlackButterfly x

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