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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday 9!

1. “Everybody lies. But it's alright because nobody listens.” is one of Bud's Law's. What do you lie about?

I dont lie! ...or do I ;) I only lie to protect people when its necessary-plus I'm an awful liar!

2. When you purchase a DVD, what besides the the movie itself, what do you enjoy the most? Is it the director's commentary, the deleted scenes, the bloopers or the behind-the-scenes documentary?

Bloopers! Pirates of the Carribean ones are extremely funny.

3. What would you most like to accomplish before the year is over?

Hmm...winning the lottery? Does that count? If we're going to more rational goals I will say being in a college course that interests me :)

4. What is your current percentage of online shopping? Is it going to be more this year than last?

I can only just figure out how to do it! Technology and I don't get along to well-so yes more than last year...which was nothing.

5. What's left to do at your place (or where you are going)? Is the tree up? ...or maybe you're just happy you
found that fave Christmas coffee mug and are calling that good?

The house looks pretty Christmas-y however I had nothing to do with it-I'm just glad I've done the shopping!

6. If you could get worry free, cost free plastic surgery, would you? If yes, where?

Umm...not sure...I wouldnt get anything drastic-my body makes me-me! At most I would get rid of some scars that have appeared over the years but I still want to be me.

7. Do you think the child you were growing up, would like the adult you've become?

I dont think much has changed. I have the exact same personality, although the child I was wouldn't be impressed that I'm still not a vampire and haven't become a skilled ninja and an amazing guitarist...sorry young me.

8. What will you miss about 2011?

Not alot...this years kind of passed on by without doing much...I guess I just need to achieve more.

9. What is something you'd love to see invented?

The money tree...why hasn't anyone tried this yet?

Blackbutterfly x

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