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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hello my dears, Firstly I apologise I fell off the radar for what’s apparently over a year!! I’ve been trying to find the inspiration for something to blog about in the past few weeks as I am not traveling on buses or encountering bizarre people (except those close to me) much anymore. Something that has caught my eye however does fit in with the theme of Halloween (which I'm sure by now you’re aware is practically my Christmas) and of course books. The traditional idea -as I'm sure you’re aware- of kid’s books is a “damsel in distress” a “prince Charming” and some foul monster or villain. I have heard of a few spin offs and now there is the trend of the monster high dolls (I think that’s still a trend??) that my younger sisters were obsessed with until I ended up turning one of them into Frankie-stein for Halloween last year. Of course there have been a few movies for the “alternative” members of society like Nightmare before Christmas and The corpse Bride as well as a few children horrors like Monster house (which personally I found a little disturbing) but is there really a range of books? Something that comes to mind is in the Addams family when Morticia tells the story of “Hansel and Gretel” with her own view of the defenceless witch who gets pushed into the oven-so would “alternative” kid’s books ever be something that would take off-given the right story-by any family-or just the alternative ones? Teen books are a total different ball game however seems generally the teen will pick the book that speaks to them which can sometimes be a cross between fantasy/horror and romance if we are talking sparkly vampires! But surely there’s a gap to fill in regards to the leap between princesses and castles and Teen books. Darren Shan did a spectacular job of the darker books as did Lemony Snicket but was it because they were less fairy-tale perfect that they weren’t acknowledged as much? Hail to a story that doesn’t have a na├»ve princess but maybe a strong minded, alternative, heroine who maybe isn’t basing her life around marrying the first male character she sees, being children’s books some naivety is bliss but why make it all so generic? But that’s my opinion-what do you guys think?? ~Black Butterfly~ X