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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekly book review: Glass Houses book 1

I was recommended this book and told I would love it and not be able to put it down, however I was also told it was an opening book for the series so the bigger story lines come later on in the series.
‘Glass houses’ is about a young girl called Claire who gets into college at the early age of 16 in Morganville, Texas. From her early days in Morganville Claire is subjected to violence and haunted by the odd ways of the residents of this small town. Claire soon discovers the town’s dark secret whilst trying to find some sort of normality when seeking sanctuary in ‘the glass house’ with some young, very protective room-mates.

I must admit I really got into this book! It isn’t exactly my normal choice but it is wonderfully written and I did read chapter after chapter (however reading in the bath was a silly idea as after a while I was just sat in cold water and still couldn’t put the book down long enough to get out!) so far this book in the series is a simple light read with action sprinkled in. It’s a book of the dark fantasy sort without the new “all vampires are just misunderstood” attitude. Claire becomes intrigued and bound to Morganville despite the urge to run as secrets continue unravelling. I finished this book in a few days-reading whenever possible. But I must warn you-be equipped with the next book in the series-cliff-hanger alert!!! You don’t want to wait for the next instalment.

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