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Thursday, 29 September 2011

If I wouldnt be judged harshly...

This week I stumbled across The BritMums personal Blog Prompt“If I wouldn’t be judged harshly, I would say-” I am neither a mum or a member of BritMums but I thought this was a lovely idea as a new blogger as a way for you all to get to know me a little more.

If I wouldn't be judged harshly, I would say that I am happy just as I am out loud.

If you look around each and every day the media’s telling us how to be, how to act and what society believes should be “normal” or what is “perfect”.  We’ve all heard the phrase ‘nobody is perfect’ but what if that isn’t true? How about we see it as everybody’s perfect? The average idea of what is perfect is different to everyone. In my eyes everyone is perfect. Why should we be told what you’re doing- or how you look is wrong? You shall always be this amazing miracle of life and soul. Everyone is their own person making every single personality perfect in every way.

So why do I get told I should dress a certain way, wear my make-up like a specific way (or not at all), listen to this music, watch this, be this, do that…etc.? Will I ever meet people’s expectations? One person wants you one way but that will always conflict with someone else’s opinion of you. So why bother trying to meet other people’s expectations? Meet your own. Create your own dreams-I don’t want to be the person they want me to be-why should I? I am me. I am happy not dressing girly when I don’t feel like it, being chubby around the edges, not being the smartest nor being the best at anything. I like having my out of control uncut hair, and my baggy gothic style trousers and just as baggy tops-but maybe if people weren’t so judgemental I would wear something like the 50’s style dresses I have fallen in love with. But now I sit here and think-who cares about those judgemental people! I should be able to feel beautiful and not like I’m being judged.

I am me and I am happy with who I am. Be happy with who you are-you’re perfect.



  1. Now why on earth would we judge harshly for that!? Good for you. Would you judge me harshly if I said my kids irritate me sometimes? No, thought not ;-)

  2. I wouldnt judge you nor anybody else for that :) Thankyou very much for the comment :) xxx

  3. Good on you! It's great to hear someone say that- you've made me smile x

  4. Brilliant post! You're so right too, we get caught up in what other people think we should be or look like when in fact its us we should be pleasing with things like that :)

  5. Thankyou for the beautiful comments! keep smiling :) xxx