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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Halloween special!!

Seems I’m getting in the mood of Halloween (okay I admit I’ve been in the mood for Halloween since the last one!) I thought I’d start celebrating the event with a themed post! I think you will all soon discover how excitable I am when it comes to Halloween however I’m unsure whether it’s because I am a big child and like dressing up, love the fact horror films get scarier, more craft idea’s, the whole “day of the dead” idea’s a little frightening/exciting! Or if it’s that I just enjoy dressing all Goth without being judged!!

Anyway! Enough about me being as excited as a 4 year old on Christmas day! What I would really LOVE to know is what your idea of the scariest character/thing is, be it in a book or film (maybe even nightmare!) but what would be the most frightening thing to you? It can be something that’s already been thought up or created (or even an everyday thing if it makes the hairs go up on the back of your neck!). It can literally be ANYTHING let your mind wander and create your own character or being. What would scare you in a book or film?

So share your description for the spirit of Halloween, the spookiest time of year! (Well unless you want to discuss that slightly overweight man in the red that lets himself and his pets in your house at the dead of night to eat your mince pies and drink your booze/milk) so please join in the fun! I can’t wait to hear all your idea’s!

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